About Us



AWETHENTIC APP is a visual discovery tool that combines the power of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to bring you awesome 360° digital experiences and video.

Together with our AR / VR production house, AWETHENTIC STUDIO, we collaborate with premier brands to bring to life and distribute immersive stories using AWETHENTIC APP’s AR image recognition.


Augmented Reality allows you to explore and interact with the physical world in exciting new ways, allowing you to unlock premium experiences, rewards and gifts at our partnered events.


Featuring original content created by AWETHENTIC STUDIO, AWETHENTIC APP’s VR technology puts you in the centre of the world’s most unique travel and lifestyle experiences in 360°; whether diving 30ft under the ocean with manta rays, going on a luxury safari in Africa or joining in a Daybreaker festival yoga session in Hong Kong.


AWETHENTIC APP also brings together immersive content in a variety of genres from the world’s finest VR and video creators, so stay tuned for regular updates and releases.



Awethentic Studio has unique experience in producing high quality branded content for the luxury and premium brands. We use the latest filming techniques to tell your stories in the most dynamic ways possible whether it’s filming underwater in 360, creating CGI animated VR worlds or creating cutting-edge AR experiences using our Awethentic App platform.

Our team consists of in-house programmers, filmmakers, producers, creative directors, researchers and post production specialists, meaning you can circumvent those expensive agency fees and produce higher quality campaigns for less.

AWETHENTIC GROUP is the brainchild of acclaimed filmmaker, entrepreneur and experience-junkie Sean Lee Davies, who is committed to utilizing the power of technology to bring new and exciting experiences to fresh audiences. Be part of our journey, as the world moves from the world of Information to the Experience Age.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with the biggest luxury brands in the world. Our offerings are first in class, and our creatives don’t just work to brief, they improve the brief.