About Us

Formerly Activis Media, Awethentic Studio was founded by artist / filmmaker and entrepreneur Sean Lee-Davies. With a heritage in serving the world’s top luxury brands, broadcasters and publications, Awethentic Studio has unique experience producing high quality content on multiple digital platforms. We use the latest filming techniques to tell your stories in the most dynamic ways possible for the digital world.


Our team consists of in-house filmmakers, producers, creative directors, researchers and post production specialists, meaning you can circumvent those expensive agency fees and produce higher quality campaigns for less.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with the biggest luxury brands in the world. Our offerings are first in class, and our creatives don’t just work to brief, they improve the brief.


Satisfied Clients

We never failed to surprise and please our clients from various fields


International Awards Won

Our films have won various international awards such as ``Best Infotainment Show`` at Asian TV Award for ``Fill My Tank`` and ``Best Entertainment / Variety Promo`` for ``Tycoon Talk`` at Promaxbda Asia


Projects Finished

From photography, videography, TV and Film; you name it, we've made it.


HKD Raised for Local to Intl.Charities

Along with wildlife awareness charity ProjectC:Change, we organised various events and raised funds for different charities