Across the millennia, as a source of inexhaustible inspiration, with a myriad of paradoxical facets, women have occupied a prominent place in the artist’s mind. At the heart of upheavals and social changes, women are seen by artists as a synonym of strength, fantasy, power and freedom.


Awethentic Gallery is very proud to co-host an exhibition “Women In Focus” with the Women’s Foundation, to pay tribute to the women of Hong Kong and celebrate their beauty, sensuality and mystery through the eclectic work of eight complementary local and international artists.


Offering unique perspectives of femininity and empowerment, works ranging from nudes to collages to photographs will be exhibited from 17th May – 4th Jun 2017 by the following artists: Reka Nyari, Antoine Rameau, Kim Robinson, Wing Shya, Szabotage, Chi Chi Cheng, Mauro Bergonzoli and Sean Lee-Davies.


In support of The Women’s Foundation, 25-50% of the proceeds on the night will be donated towards their community and empowerment programs for women and girls in Hong Kong.



DATE: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

TIME: 6.30 – 9.00 p.m.

VENUE: Awethentic Gallery, Shop G28, Central Building, 1-3 Pedder Street, Central

Please RSVP with Chi Chi at

GEISHA INK By Reka Nyari


Kyoto Poetry

Reka Nyari’s erotically charged photographs engage cultural narratives surrounding gender and sexuality. Her newest series, GEISHA INK, tells the intoxicating story of Ginzilla, a dramatically-posed young woman whose naked body is lavishly-adorned with tattoos, revealing and subverting female archetypes through a visual exploration of sexuality, taboos, eroticism and culture.

The depicted heroine was born into a traditional family of uncompromisingly strict conservative-values. The effect was suffocating to her wild heart, engendering acts of rebellion perhaps most visible as the arresting marks of defiance, written in permanent-ink on the canvas of her body. These images tell the story of her life; illustrations of tigers, wolves, and dragons contrast societal expectations of female submission and obedience. Ginzilla’s first lover was a tattoo artist, a predilection which has guided her sexual journey. All of her body-art was composed and executed by lovers, compounding its personal meaning to her, while providing a veritable map of her life. Edgy, raw, and resilient, Nyari depicts her subject as a woman whose sexuality is defined independent of a man.

These dynamic photographs re-envision traditional concepts of femininity by juxtaposing the symbolism of the Japanese ‘Geisha’ with that of Yakuski (Japanese gangster) tattoos (Irezumju). Irezumju tattoos require a painful, meticulous method of manually inserting needles into the skin. Associated with the criminal activity of the Yakuski gangs, members would brand themselves with Irezumi tattoos. Due to its painful process, Irezumju is considered a mark of the recipient’s bravery, and evidence of their insubordination. Despite the widening trend of tattoos among non-yakuza, they still carry a significant stigma in Japanese society.

25% of sales will be donated to The Women’s Foundation

About the Artist:

Reka Nyari is a Finnish/Hungarian artist living and working in New York City. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in the United States and Europe. She has received awards from prestigious organizations, including first place Winner of International Photography Awards (IPA) 2010, Beauty Pro Category. Her 225 paged Monograph titled “Femme Fatale: Female Erotic Photography” is published in 6 languages and sold worldwide.


GEISHA INK By Reka Nyari

10th – 21st March 2017

Past Events


To celebrate Hong Kong Art Week, AWETHENTIC GALLERY Presents “VR ART JAM” on Wed 22nd March from 6pm to 1130pm.

PAINT LIKE A MASTER! Not only will guests be able to enjoy masterpieces of art in 360 such as Edvard Munch’s “Scream” and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, but guests will also be able to create their own 3D masterpieces in Tiltbrush.

Come by either before or after the Art Basel Vernissage. At 930pm, there will be a LIVE VR ART PERFORMANCE by acclaimed Italian artist MAURO BERGONZOLI at 930pm.


Reserve your complimentary 10min VR ART JAM spot in advance to paint in Tiltbrush on HTC Vive headsets at:

Also on display will be works by NeverCrew, Szabotage, Reka Nyari, Sean Lee-Davies and 5 art pieces by Mauro Bergonzoli never before seen in Hong Kong.

Supported by HONG KONG TATLER, Peroni, BarronAsiaVR


Awethentic Gallery is proud to announce LOVE IS WILD x MAURO BERGONZOLI and street artists NeverCrew and Szabotage.


Mauro will be creating a unique piece for the launch as well as exhibiting 5 pieces never before seen in Hong Kong, as well as presenting a live VR Art Performance at 730pm.

RSVP essential:

About Mauro Bergonzoli:

Mauro Bergonzoli, born in Milan Italy in 1965 is undoubtedly an ironic translator of reality. Acknowledged as the most artistic amongst advertisers and the most anomalous amongst artists, Bergonzoli’s art is recognized as eclectic and provocative. The artist, as a creator of ideas and images, brings metaphorical and surreal motifs generated by an ironic and anti-academic vision of form, figure and composition.

Bergonzoli’s eye steals fragments of life, impressions, gestures and emotions to translate them into works which are the quintessence of our chaotic daily life. Bergonzoli doesn’t want to own reality as Pop Art does, he wants to create his own and personal reality within it, in which the dynamism and movement of his characters, the vivacity of color and the composition of the work of art are in perfect symmetry, with his very own well-defined and never ordinary style.

Located in the heart of Hong Kong in Central Building, AWETHENTIC GALLERY is the city’s first Art, Exhibition and Virtual Reality concept space,  focusing on exhibiting socially and environmentally conscious art and fine art photography.

Upstairs at AWETHENTIC STUDIO we have several cutting-edge VR stations, perfect for education, conservation, art and cultural programming as well as luxury brand content marketing. As a full VR production house, AWETHENTIC STUDIO can also create original virtual reality and 360 content to be displayed in our VR stations, ideal for artist / event / brand co-operations.


The gallery is probably the world’s first gallery to incorporate virtual reality to an art space.

Our VR Zone is located on the upper floor, which enables guests to emerge in a full wildlife and artistic experience through our clips and latest games.


We are a 1,180 sq feet gallery venue, ideal for hosting VIP nights, cultural gatherings and talks. 25% of all proceeds of print sales during the events will go to our partner charities.
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