Awethentic Gallery Launch

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With years of experience in art consultancy, our sister company Awethentic Gallery has worked with artists and businesses globally to create everything from outdoor mural masterpieces to digital artworks. Now, the Gallery is proud to announce the launch of its official online store.

Awethentic Gallery specialises in curating impactful art and features artworks from emerging to mid-career artists from across the globe, all with an aligned mission: to create social and environmental impact through their work. The Gallery features designs and photography ranging from realism paintings by Korean artist Cindy Rhee to wildlife photography from the deserts of Mongolia by photographer Sean Lee-Davies.

Art & Tech

The experienced art consultancy team can work directly with clients to cultivate personalised art collections that communicate brand identity and ethos. Gallery consultants work alongside Awethentic Studio and specialise in fusing together art and technology, using immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality, interactive screens and NFTs to enhance the art appreciation and buying experience.

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