Awethentic Group Acquires Green is the New Black & The Conscious Festival

Green is the new black

In an exciting step towards strengthening its dedication to conscious living and sustainability, Awethentic Group proudly announces its acquisition of the renowned platforms, Green is the New Black (GITNB) and The Conscious Festival. This strategic move strengthens Awethentic Group’s commitment to advancing sustainability, wellness, and conscious living in Asia, and reflects the group’s dedication to fostering positive change and promoting sustainable living choices on a global scale.

Awethentic Group CEO Sean Lee-Davies will take on the role of CEO for Green Is The New Black and The Conscious Festival, continuing to work closely with GITB Founders Stephanie Dickson and Paula Miquelis to build a new vision that broadens global appeal and promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Speaking about the acquisition, Davies commented, “Our collective vision is to inspire, educate, and foster sustainable practices worldwide. By converging the expertise of Awethentic Group, GITNB, and The Conscious Festival, our collective impact will be far-reaching.”

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