AWETHENTIC GALLERY  is a concept gallery that mixes art and technology to engage and educate viewers with artworks in new ways. Showcasing both local and international artists, Awethentic Gallery aims to create a collaborative space that blends creativity with retail and also helps fund social and environmental initiatives.

LOVE IS WILD redefines the relationship between man and the animal kingdom, showcasing man not as the ultimate consumer but as a conscientious co-habitant and guardian of the planet.
In addition to the fine-art photography by Sean Lee-Davies, educational content is activated through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to enrich the audience’s experience.

Through the combination of art and cutting-edge technology, LOVE IS WILD EDUCATES, ENGAGES and INSPIRES.
Through this project, we support our partner charities by donating 10% of prints sales.

Elephants trigger image


Project C:CHANGE is a social enterprise and media platform founded by Sean Lee-Davies; also the founder of Awethentic Studio, dedicated to generating and raising awareness in China and Asia about global environmental degradation, climate change and conservation.

Using the power of celebrity, Project C:CHANGE engages multiple media channels to elevate people’s consciousness of the natural world, while empowering local communities to protect their natural resources.




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