GOOD Meat X Hawker Loo’s

Working alongside GOOD Meat, we developed a social media activation event that brought cultivated meat to one of Singapore’s most famous hawker stores, Hawker Loo’s in Tiong Bahru. Tasked with event management, we ensured a multitude of KOLs, media and other food and sustainability influencers were in attendance. 

The event content reached over 80,000 people on social media and traditional media coverage. The success of both the digital and in-person marketing spoke to the readiness of many for sustainable, cultivated meat. 

“This cell-cultured meat is a big step forward for humanity’s food-related needs and is more environmentally friendly while also being ethical,” says Mr. Loo, the owner of Hawker Loo’s. “As it is a noble cause. I don’t mind supporting it.”

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