How to Make a Travel Video That Earns Views in 6 Steps

The birth of technology changed the world, and with it, enhanced the far-reaching powers of digital media. Try to imagine yourself not scrolling through Instagram or watching a YouTube video today—it’s probably harder than you’d like to admit. So, for those of you who are interested in contributing to the digital media realm, try out Awethentic Studio’s six easy steps to get started! And if you’re in Singapore or Hong Kong, Awethentic Studio is just a call away.

Create a Feeling

Any piece of art demands uniqueness. The initial preparation of your video begins with setting a feeling or ambience. Start by choosing your own aesthetic and try deciding what kind of tone you’d like your video to have. To set yourself apart, you can even veer away from traditional video colours and mix them up with sepia tones—this is also a great way to enhance the video mood. Travel videos have a certain aesthetic charm to them, which is ultimately what will win over your audience.

Determine Your Style

Developing your own unique style is very important among a crowd of content creators. Think about some of the biggest brands you know like Nike and Adidas, who have both successfully made their presence known because they recognized their uniqueness and celebrated it. Know what lies within. Whenever you are shooting know why, how, and when, and that will really come through in your video!

Embrace Storytelling

A good story has never failed to engage an audience. We all love to listen to a narrative that unfolds into something fascinating. So, document your journey through a beautiful video! A good place to start is by having a very clear script with an intriguing narrative to tell and then get started on some good post-editing to clean up your video content and enhance your shots. Also, never hesitate to get an expert’s opinion from a recognised Video Production Studio!

Plan Your Shots

The very next step is to plan every single shot you need. Besides shot detailing, you need to determine the setup of the camera. Do you want to shoot in landscape for YouTube or vertical for social media? Or you can always shoot a bit of both! Just make sure your audience gets a clear overview of the place they will experience in the video.

Set Your FPS

FPS stands for frame per second. Usually, the conventional fixed FPS is 24. But for travel videos, you can capture smoother shots if you increase your FPS—the content will be easy and enjoyable to watch when things move slower than usual.

Try it at Golden Hour

There’s perfect timing for just about everything—including your travel vlogs! Why not try shooting your video at golden hour to get the most beautiful travel shots when the shades of the sky are extraordinarily beautiful? Experts from our Video Production Studio prefer this time as well because it gives videos a natural effect.

Make Extraordinary Videos with Awethentic Studio

No matter what kind of video footage you have, it’s our expert’s responsibility to find the perks within them! So, if you are just starting out in travel vlogging but are wanting to invest in your career, then get in touch with Awethentic Studio. We work with our clients by delivering a completed project, and we are available to shoot and edit. We have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and London, but drop us an email if you’re looking to work with us elsewhere. Our range of current and previous clients includes the likes of HSBC, Breitling, TVB, and National Geographic.

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