Influencer Management

We will assist you in social media management via curating your social media content, providing strategic marketing content, and managing KOL and influencer posts.


We understand your audience

Looking for a way to boost your brand’s visibility and impact in your industry or market? We can connect you with key opinion leaders (KOLs) who have significant influence on the opinions and behaviours of your target audience. By leveraging the power of these KOLs and their networks, we can help amplify your brand’s message and drive real results.

Our influencer services

Influencer marketing campaigns

We can develop and execute powerful influencer campaigns that leverage the influence and reach of KOLs to promote your brand products and services.

Long-term partnerships

We can help you build long-term relationships with KOLs over time, creating strong brand identity and ongoing opportunities for collaboration and promotion.

Content Creation

Partner with our KOLs to create sponsored content like social media posts, including static and video content, which can be shared with their network of followers to promote a brand.

Analytics and measurement

We can monitor the impact of KOL campaigns and partnerships for your brand, ensuring visibility and engagement.

Campaign management

We can manage the planning, execution and follow-up of a campaign, ensuring a smooth and successful partnership.

Media Management

We can work with you and the KOLs to create all sponsored content to ensure it fits your brand and theirs.

influencer Management
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Anglea Lohse
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Influencer Brand Partnerships
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Source of Strength VOGUE | La Mer​