Innovation and creativity is something that expires and has to be constantly challenged and surpassed. AR VR technology has somewhere made the dream come true for many people with their augmented and virtual reality in Singapore, Hong Kong and even In London.

At Awethentic Studio, we push boundaries and produce innovative content to surprise our audiences by using interactive technologies such as AR, VR, Avatars or Holograms. AR VR technology has successfully increased the number of audiences as AR VR technology’s innovative content is fun to explore.

Augmented Reality (AR) or AR technology is an interactive experience that enhances real world experiences through digital simulations.

Awethentic Studio has developed our own Awethentic AR technology app, enabling our clients to create custom AR experiences in London, Hong Kong or even in Singapore.

By overlaying virtual elements onto our real world through the AR technology,  we add an element of fun and increased engagement, ensuring audiences will remember your unique brand message. So, through this AR technology’s unique marketing strategy you can easily promote your brand.

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) or VR technology is a simulated experience created using computer technology. VR technology is an incredible empathy VR tool and a fantastic medium to convey stories and immerse viewers into an experience in London.

Awethentic Studio uses the latest VR technology to capture and create the most dynamic, mind-blowing  experience through the VR technology. To have a life like experience you can easily avail our VR technology service in hong Kong, Singapore & London.

Virtual reality

Awethentic builds customized apps for iOS and Android. Our innovative team uses our combined expertise in interactive technologies to provide our clients Hong Kong, Singapore & London with a solution that maximizes user experiences and aligns with the client’s unique KPIs. 

APP development