Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a ‘magic window’ that unlocks a new world of immersive digital experiences on your smartphone. Its advantage over VR is its scalability; up to 1 billion users can currently use AR on their smartphones.

From  app or web-based AR to social media filters on Instagram, we have an augmented solution that fits your needs. Check out some of our case studies below!

AR For Fashion & Retail

Fashion & Retail brands have been the fastest adopters of augmented reality for both off-line and online marketing campaigns.

From AR treasure hunts to virtual catwalks and celebrity interactions, we can create a cutting-edge campaign to suit your needs.

AR For Arts & Education

Augmented reality is a great educational tool across all industries.

AR allows extra creativity, interactivity and engagement to any subject, helping people learn in a more compelling way by engaging their senses.

AR is increasingly used for arts & education, to enable brands and organizations to engage audiences in new ways.

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AR For Publishing

AR is the perfect tool to add a digital element or overlay to print publications.

Via our AR app, readers can experience a cover shoot by scanning a magazine cover or experience your ad in 3D.

An AR element will certainly make the reading experience more memorable for any reader.

AR Souvenirs

AR is great for enhancing merchandising, packaging and marketing materials. Why not make your physical surfaces part of your marketing campaign by activating it with AR content?
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AR Filters

AR filters add an element of fun to our photos augmenting users’ faces or environments with 3D graphics.

AR filters can be a useful marketing tool, generating word of mouth via social sharing. Whether it be for an occasion or a customized filter for your brand, we have the creativity and technology to generate compelling filters for your users.