Media Relations

Our experienced team will oversee all media services from pitching and press office management to content generation. 


We can manage the press and media for you

Our skilled team takes charge of all media-related tasks, ranging from pitching to press office management and content creation. Our comprehensive range of services includes media pitching, press office management, and social media analytics and management, all of which are offered to our clients.

Our services
Media Pitching
We specialise in providing comprehensive media support, securing press coverage, and expertly managing press relations to enhance the visibility and reputation of your brand.
Press Office Management
Our decades-old media network allows us to remain in regular contact with journalists, ensuring we’re able to keep them informed about your latest news, send out press releases, organise press conferences, manage media interviews and respond to media enquiries.
Social Media Management
You can trust us to manage your social media presence on a variety of platforms, from creating a content strategy and monitoring social media analytics to continually evolving the strategy to ensure constant engagement with your target audience.