Podcast Production

Our podcast production service is staffed by experienced professionals who are enthusiastic about storytelling. We create content that is aimed at producing positive outcomes, as well as being engaging and entertaining. We are a specialised company that assists content creators in producing, editing, refining, and even marketing their podcasts. Our services include a range of podcast-related tasks, such as concept development and scriptwriting, recording, sound design, editing, distribution, and marketing.

Our Podcast Production Services


Concept Development

Assistance in refining podcast
ideas and developing a unique
concept or angle


Scriptwriting and
Content Planning

Professional scriptwriting
services to ensure engaging
and well-structured content.
Assistance in planning
episode topics.


Recording and Editing

High-quality recording services
using professional equipment.
Audio editing to enhance sound
quality, remove errors, and add
any necessary effects


Branding and Design

Creation of podcast logos,
cover art, and other branding
elements to establish a
strong visual identity.


Distribution and Hosting

Assistance with podcast
hosting and distribution to
major platforms like Apple
Podcasts, Spotify, Google
Podcasts, and others


Marketing and Promotion

Development of marketing
strategies to increase podcast
visibility and attract a larger

Our Future Nature Podcast

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Our Future Nature Podcast spotlights the problem solvers accelerating solutions to a more sustainable planet. We know all about the climate and biodiversity crisis – this podcast focuses on the solutions. Host Sean Lee-Davies speaks to academics, creatives, innovators, and polymaths about the boundary-breaking ideas and solutions needed to build a better planet.

Our Future Nature Podcast is hosted by entrepreneur, conservationist and filmmaker Sean Lee-Davies. He directed and produced shows for platforms including National Geographic, TVB and Channel News Asia.