Cerruti 1881 AR Experience

Cerruti 1881 AR Experience

We recently partnered with CERRUTI to create an AUGMENTED REALITY CUBE to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The Augmented Reality (AR) cube was showcased at two events, one in Hong Kong at the Boutique Boulevard LANDMARK置地廣塲 event and other at the Plaza 66 celebratory event in Shanghai, China. The AR cube uses augmented reality image recognition technology to create a unique fashion experience. Using our Awethentic App, the AR Cube opens to display a 3D video showcasing the latest CERRUTI men’s collection. 

We believe smartphone-based augmented reality is the future of  marketing and ecommerce and we are working with the world’s top luxury brands to elevate their stories for the audiences of the future.  Visit the CERRUTI Store in the Landmark to try it out for yourself or download the Awethentic App on App store for free and try out the App by visiting our website: https://awethenticstudio.com/ar

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