The Conscious Festival 2024

The Conscious Festival 2024

This year, The Conscious Festival 2024 joined forces with i Light Singapore to craft an event that champions global healing and mindful leadership.

With more than 1300 registered attendees, 70+ speakers and workshop facilitators across 2 weekends, 50+ conscious brands, we are proud to say that the 8th edition in Singapore, 12th edition globally of The Conscious Festival in partnership with i Light Singapore 2024 was a success!

This year The Conscious Leader’s Bootcamp had forward-thinking leaders hailing from Singapore and the broader region delved into themes such as radical collaboration, quantum leadership, circular economies, rapid technological evolution, AI-driven innovation, and technology for societal impact.

We experienced the transformative power of our Wellness Workshops, led by our experienced locally-based facilitators.

In this edition, we welcomed over 60 dynamic local and international speakers, thought leaders, and visionaries who joined us both in person and overseas,and shared their collectively amassed wisdom and insights on the challenges faced and the determination required to move towards a more equitable future.

We successfully held our 2nd Conscious Concert, where we hosted visionary sound and light artist Joey Dean from Natural Symphony Live and the electrifying DJ Nick Bong (Bongomann), who immersed us in the elements of fire, earth, air, and water!

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