Virtual Events

Due to the global pandemic, going virtual has become the demand of our time. Awethentic Studio offers an arsenal of solutions for your event needs, from live-streamed events and conferences to virtual team building and AR based experiences. Our Virtual Event Production Services include:

  • Branded Virtual Campaigns
  • Tech & Operational Support for Live Events
  • Virtual Experiences.
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Team Building
  • Family Days

How We Organise?

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Types Of Events

Branded Virtual Events

With restrictions imposed on social events, Brands are looking for various ways to enthrall audiences from the comfort of their homes. We help brands produce avant-garde virtual campaigns to change this crisis into an opportunity to think differently. We create impactful virtual content that can leave a lasting impression.

Tech & Operational Support For Live Events

The power of human connection has proven essential over the past year. Realising the importance of human connection and live experiences, our team have found innovative solutions to realise live, in-person events that adhere to social and health regulations. We will support you with recommendations for virtual registration, socially distanced event activities, live streaming and any of your event needs.

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Virtual Experience

In demanding times, travelling has become more challenging, and the need to sneak away and venture new adventures gives Awethentic Studio the platform to explore the ‘alternative travel’. The professional experts provide the virtual experience where one can admire the historical monuments, cultural tours, virtual and augmented reality, food and beverages, theatre and musical performances, fitness and wellness, or crafts and skill workshops.

Conference & Seminars

Virtual conferences & seminars allow their attendees to attend the session online and get the first hand experience of fully customize virtual exhibition booths while having the one to one interaction between exhibitors and guests. People can share information in the form of videos, documents, presentations, instant chats, download or save information for their future references using their mobiles or computers. It gives you the insight about your audience through intricate reports.
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Team Building

To increase productivity, creativity, healthy environment and the positive outcome, the organizations need to invest in the virtual team building activities. It helps in improving team collaboration, better internal communication and increased job satisfaction through group activities that are conducted online.

Family Days

Planning to host entertaining and engaging events to celebrate the occasion, this is the time to relax and to be associated with Awethentic Studio. We are here to plan virtual family event that will go beyond expectations by ensuring to transport your guest to Virtual Ballrooms anywhere in the world through augmented and virtual reality.